Seventeen to Go

Well, after talking yesterday about how my estimates needed to be adjusted downward, I went and gained a full level yesterday, bringing me to 63.11. The estimates take into account days in which I don’t play, so I’m not going to tweak it downward again just yet.

I am more or less finished with Hellfire Peninsula, barring an excursion into Hellfire Citadel, although I would like to go back and get the whole place explored for the exploration achievement. That’s pretty much my metagoal for Outland – at least see everything, although I will likely leave at level 68 or 69 as has been suggested. In the mix were a number of group quests intended for two players, involving killing single elite opponents – and I managed three of them, without trying the other two. Turns out to be tough, but my damage-dealing ability with a full Ret spec and my ability to heal myself and thus stay in the fight much longer has enabled me to pull these kinds of encounters off so far, despite being even-level with the targets, as long as I am able to prepare to the encounter.

Currently I’m in the fantastic-looking Zangarmarsh, having done the first round of quests there. I’m about to face the Nagas and whatever their nefarious plan is. I am making rather a lot of money, having gone from just about zero gold after having bought the epic mount to over 175 gold when I logged off last night. On the one hand, my training every other level costs a bundle of cash now – anywhere from ten to fifty gold the last couple of times, and I still need to send some of that money out to Mrs. Ardwulf’s characters to pay her back from the mount purchase, on top of wanting to pay back the loan of 330 gold to the friendly guildie who lent it to me. But my moneymaking potential took a big leap upward when I came to Outland, and I have no doubt that this will be a matter of mere days.

I suppose that the next major goal will be to get a flying mount. I have no clear knowledge of how this works as yet, although I think I have to get to 68 first. This may well be how I put together the Outland exploration achievements.

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One response to “Seventeen to Go

  1. Grats on the level, yeah the money rolls in in both outland and northrend, i would however go back and train up your mining and blacksmithing.

    If you have both around your level it saves you alot of gold due to some nice crafting recipes higher up and also makes you a nice tidy sum.

    As for flying mount – you get at level 70 and it costs 800g to learn and 200g for the mount (i think) altho there is no real point in shelling out for it as you cant fly in northrend until level 77 (where you have to pay 1000g for cold air flying). After that you can start thinking about that 5000g for epic flying……… ah gotta love blizzard and their money sinks