A Whole Lot o’ WoW Goin’ On

The four-day weekend that just ended was pretty relaxing, after a fashion. Aside from the obligatory family affairs on Easter and the occasional need to do things like eat, it was pretty much a wall-to-wall orgy of WoW. A whole bunch of things got done.

Mrs. Ardwulf and I have leveled our paired Druids to level 26, which is higher than we have ever taken characters together before, and very close to the highest the Mrs. has gotten at all. At one point we felt like there wasn’t enough questing to do in the Ashenvale area and went over to Redridge Mountains to do some questing there. Two levels later, we’re much more comfortable going back to Kalimdor and doing things like Charred Vale. Mrs. Ardwulf also, with a little bit of help from me, got her Night Elf Priestess, who is also our Alchemist, to level 20, unlocking the next level of crafting skill.

On Friday, I did some grinding on Vaktor’s Mining, mostly in Eastern Plaguelands and Un’Goro Crater, getting him to 293. This is not quite enough to mine in Outland, so I hope to push him the rest of the way to 300 some time this week. I was able, however, to buy Master Mining.

I pulled an all-nighter on Sunday night (since I didn’t have to work Monday,) and ended up running some random Gnome through Razorfen Downs. He kind of played like a knucklehead, but I was doing it for the achievement anyway, which I got; nothing in there was all that tough, although there was a pretty cool encounter with a boss and what must have been 50 skeleton followers. The highlight of the whole affair, though, was riding right through the Crossroads on the way back.

By last night I was feeling over-WoWed, but I got Vaktor to level 66, having finished up most of the questing in Zangarmarsh and moving on to Terrokar Forest, where there’s still lots more to do. I also took the trip up to Northrend and got my Grand Master in First Aid. Obviously, I lack the Frostweave to level it up much past where I am now, but that’s okay – it’ll come in time, and the Heavy Netherweave Bandages suffice for the moment.

After having done a lot of content in it, I have come to the conclusion that Zangarmarsh is probably the best zone that I have seen in WoW. It’s very atmospheric, the questing is plentiful and varied, there are factions to work on (Sporregar and Cenarion Expedition,) and a major city with most of the desirable amenities is right around the corner. And there’s also a big instance cluster there in Coilfang Reservoir, in which I did not partake.

I did get an offer to heal for Mana Tombs yesterday, which I turned down, firstly because I’m not specced for it and secondly because by then I felt like I had vegged for far too long in front of the computer and didn’t want to be tied down to it for another few hours.

I probably won’t play tonight – it’s tax time and I have to get that done.

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