Plans and Progression

Pitrelli, a frequent commenter here at Ardwulf’s Lair, has a nice overview of leveling in Outland HERE, that I found very valuable, if only as an affirmation of my own strategy, shaped by his advice here.

He and just about everyone else advises going to Northrend at level 68. I will follow that advice, I think. But I think I will return to Outland for a little while after hitting 70.

There are a couple of reasons for this. For one, I will not have my mining up to Northrend levels by the time I get Vaktor there. And I want a flying mount, which you can get at 70. The confluence of these seems fortuitous – flying has got to be a huge assistance in grinding gathering, and I don’t expect that the 700 or 800 gold I’ll need will be a problem by then. And I want the Outland exploration achievements.

So the plan is to get to 68, then go back down to Azeroth and get my mining up to 300 (there’s only seven or eight points to go, so that shouldn’t take more than an hour or so,) then go to Northrend for two levels, getting the flyer at 70, then back to Outland to get mining to Northrend levels and get the achievements. Then back to Northrend for the rest of the curve. Seems like a solid plan to me, and one that will get me mining as I do questing with the least fuss.

If I were leveling Vaktor as my only activity, I could get to 70 this week, surely. But that’s not the case, even in the context of WoW, so it’ll probably not happen until around the weekend of the 25th – still ahead of the goal date of May 1st.

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One response to “Plans and Progression

  1. Oooh my first ping πŸ™‚ thanks

    I really need to go back and have a look at some of the other areas in outland once i’ve got to level 80, im not a loot whore so i quite like the chance to just relax in areas. Especially on a flying mount.

    If people wonder why blizzard takes so long on expansions they need only look at the visual quality of areas. Northrend really is something else graphically but I do get pulled back through the portal for certain areas πŸ™‚