Downtime and PvP Observations

We turned out to have a missing W-2 form, so I couldn’t actually do our taxes last night, and had to file an extension instead. Annoying.

WoW’s servers were down until about 9 PM EST last night, and I am now, for the first time, using enough addons to require additional setup time. I am using the Curse Client to manage these, but I also have several addons that the Curse Client doesn’t handle, and which I have to update manually. On top of that, all talent points were refunded by the patch. This isn’t a bad thing, as I’d wanted to respec Vaktor (slightly) and Hippomenes (completely) anyway, but it did take more time. The Ret tree did see a couple of changes.

In the fairly limited time remaining, I finished about three quests and got an upgraded weapon, made an abortive PuG run at Auchenai Crypts in which we discovered after entering the instance and choking three times on the first pull that none of us was a tank, and ran three Battlegrounds based out of Shattrath, doing reasonably well in two shots at Eye of the Storm, which I tried out for the first time. Alterac Valley, on the other hand, was a fiasco, but I was only after one Mark, and I got that even with the loss. This let me turn in a quest and get some XP out of the affair.

I also found a dearth of Healers in both BGs – even of Paladins, for that matter, which stuck me as weird. I have no idea if this is representative or not, but I felt a bit more effective hanging back and healing than charging right in, although I was able in a couple of cases to selectively engage opponents, falling back when they were finished off. I do not at any rate consider myself much good as a healer, due to lack of experience.

On that subject, Gift of the Naaru, the Draenei racial ability, has been changed by the 3.1 patch – it’s now an instant. I’d been told that this is not widely considered a useful ability, but I’ve gotten a ton of value out of it myself, even as a Paladin with access to other healing abilities. This makes it better, although the long cooldown limits its utility in PvP.

Battleground Marks are now considered currency, by the way, which means they are tracked on a separate tab of the PvP window and don’t take up any space in your inventory. On top of that, you can now queue for Battlegrounds from anywhere, just like you can in WAR, another case of WoW quickly absorbing that game’s best features.

There seems to be a bug in place where load screens knock quests out of your quest log. This happened to me twice, before running Eye of the Storm – for a daily quest that required a victory in that BG. Annoying, but I’m sure it will get fixed and I intend to do more Battleground stuff anyway in due time.

I have pretty limited experience with WoW Battlegrounds, even though I first began to dabble with them pretty early in my WoW play, but despite the one-shotting problem that I consider WoW’s biggest PvP liability, they seem to me to be better balanced than WAR’s scenarios. By that I mean that I see competitive battles more often, as opposed to washouts. That may change in WAR as you go into Tier 4, for all I know, but I have little indication that it does, even though in principle, because of the Bolster buff, WAR’s fights ought to be more evenly balanced.

Also, perhaps due to the aforementioned one-shotting issue, I dislike playing melee DPS classes in WoW PvP, whereas I liked doing so in WAR. On the other hand, I like ranged DPS in both games, with a slight edge to the WoW Hunter over WAR’s Bright Wizard due mostly to his superior range. I would be willing to do PvP healing, but it’s something I have little experience with, and I am not even all that familiar with the Paladin’s healing abilities (remembering that I’m specced Retribution, so I may be missing out on some key pieces.)

All in all, although I made minimal leveling progress and despite the downtime, it was a pretty enjoyable evening. All of my addons, including TomTom, which is one of the backbones of my leveling process and which is one of those Curse doesn’t handle, are now updated and ready to rock for tonight.

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3 responses to “Downtime and PvP Observations

  1. I’ve actually made a point of cutting down on my add-on use so that I don’t have as many problems on patch days and when playing on my laptop (which is not a gaming machine, and finds WoW taxing enough without extra memory hogs). I’m definitely losing a bit of screen real estate and some functionality, but the default UI has improved to the point where there are relatively few things I feel are worth updating externally.

  2. My rationale for using the Curse Client was just that – to minimize problems when updating. But alas, it doesn’t handle my leveling backbone, which are LightHeaded, TomTom and TourGuide. I could certainly see less need for these at 80, but right now, they’re indispensable to me. I could live without everything else – but Curse manages those.

  3. I havent got round to doing much pvp on my paladin if Im honest, Iv solely been pveing. The PvP aspect used to float my boat more previously however the new expansion has some nice stories and lore which I cant seem to pull away from. Open world PvP is a different matter however as nothin is better than killing an alliance whilst finishing off a quest 🙂