Another (Mostly) Dead Day

Kirin Tor, possibly along with other servers (I wouldn’t know) suffered from several outages last night, limiting my ability to get anything done. I did run a couple of quests with Vaktor and the Mrs. and I fooled a bit with our Mage/Warrior pairing, finishing them up in Dun Morogh and moving along to Loch Modan before the server threw us out again at about 11 PM.

So much for progress. At least I have TomTom working properly again.

Thursday nights, as you may recall, are my primary night for soloing, which means I will be trying my hardest to get Vaktor up to level 67 by the time Mrs. Ardwulf gets home from class. I’m still in Terrokar Forest and nowhere close to the questing acheivement from there, but there still appears to be a fair bit more to do, in addition to the stuff based out of Shattrath.

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One response to “Another (Mostly) Dead Day

  1. Kirin Tor…my old server…cool.

    I have not logged in since the incident with my account being nicked. I was treated horribly, thus, I will never return.
    Loved all the people I knew there though (gotta remember that guild name again…hehe)

    Cheers and good luck