Druid Hate

It seems like I have very little to write about this week. Lat night Mrs. Ardwulf and I (she got home from school early) played our paired Druids, finishing up the stuff in Redridge mountains and moving on the the Charred Vale in Stonetalon, a merciless grind of collection quests with low drop rates if ever there was one. An hour and a half of that and we were finally finished and tired of it.

I will be honest: I despise the Druid as a tanking class, which is the role I’ve found myself in here. I like the class conceptually, and my forced respec seemed to help a little, but I just hate sitting there with three mobs beating on me, not generating any rage, and with a glacially slow attack. Cat form is cool, but at level 27 my attack options are extremely limited. Nor do I seem to have sufficient mana to operate as a ranged DPS class. It’s possible that all of this changes as you advance and/or with the proper spec, but right now I am finding it maddeningly frustrating.

Right now the Mrs. and I have four sets of paired characters: the Druids (both of whom are now level 27,) Warrior/Rogue (at level ,) Hunter/Priest (level 20,) and Mage/Warrior (my Mage at level 11, her Warrior at level 12.) I want to push the lead characters ahead, but I also want to play some of the other pairs, all of which I will be less frustrated by.

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One response to “Druid Hate

  1. Your doing not too badly, I couldnt stomach leveling a druid past level 14. As you say I just think the class is pretty lame at lower levels. My paladin got interesting at level 20 so maybe it will be the same on the druid. Meh still not sure of druids however as they seem a bit of a ‘lost’ class.