Post-Weekend Update

The Druids have reached level 28, with 30 within reach. I finally have an AOE aggro management tool to use when tanking in Bear Form. Yay me. We’ve started running quests out of Forest Song and have done the first circuit thereof. I’m not sure where we’ll be heading next, but if I were to guess right now I’d say Stranglethorn, depending on how high we are when Ashenvale finishes up. If we aren’t 35 by then, and we probably won’t be, We’ll likely wander between zones for a bit before

Vaktor, still in Terrokar Forest, has reached level 67 and is into the final run-up to level 68 and Northrend, which could happen before he even leaves that zone. I have taken glances into Nagrand and Shadowmoon Valley, and no more, but have pretty thoroughly explored both Zangarmarsh and Terrokar, and did a fair job in Hellfire Peninsula. At any rate, I will come back to Outland later and do more of the content there, but as of right now I’m not concerned with stuff like Aldor faction and the like (but I’m stockpiling whatever status items I come across in the bank just in case.)

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One response to “Post-Weekend Update

  1. I just finished Outlands yesterday with my Hunter. If I had to put the zones of Outland in order from worst to best, in terms of quests and storylines, and “feel of zone”, it’d be:

    * Nagrand (I reealy never wanted to see Nesingwary again after STV. Too many kill-quests here.)
    * Blades’ Edge Mountains (I didn’t like the look or layout of this zone (though the dragons impaled on the spikes are cool. Ogres are my least-favorite opponent in the game.)
    * Hellfire Pennisula (So we’re fresh from a flat featureless zone and travel into a new one? And we have to fight boars? 9.9 I did like the void/nether invaders area though.)
    * Zangarmash (A refreshing change from the previous, with simple layout. Had a nice EQ feel to it.)
    * Terrokar Forest (Getting to Shattrath gives a nice feeling of having “arrived”. The manabomb stuff was cool.)
    * Shadowmoon Valley (Maybe only ranked so high because it’s the last zone – Black Temple, ahhhh! I’m not a fan of “huge thing in the center, looong circular track around it” zone design though.)
    Netherstorm (Loved it, best zone in the game. It made me think, “This is how the Bonemire (from EQ2) should have been.” Don’t miss going here.)

    So, definitely hit Netherstorm. And then go all over again after getting your flying mount. 🙂