WAR Offers Special Non-Flying Flying Mounts

In their infinite wisdom, the folks at Mythic are offering special Griffin and Maticore mounts to people who refer six or more players to WAR in their refer-a-friend program.

The link to Massively has a pic, and they’re pretty nice looking. in fact, I’d say that the Manticore is the best-looking example of such a creature I’ve seen in an MMO (Vanguard’s griffins look cooler if you ask me.)

Now, your first thought, as was mine, is probably “Flying mounts! Awesome!” Except that these don’t actually fly – they’re ground mounts. Flying mounts that don’t actually fly strike me as occupying a special subcategory of lame. I don’t think WAR has the in-game infrastructure to support flying mounts, and if it did, they’d be of limited value, since all the zones are instanced anyway. So it seems unlikely to me that these sharp-looking critters will ever be able to fly.

I want to like Warhammer and gave it what I felt was an honest try. I even tried it again after the play experience collapsed the first time. Nothing Mythic is doing right now seems intended to address that. Instead, it all screams “FAIL”.


3 responses to “WAR Offers Special Non-Flying Flying Mounts

  1. I general, I prefer an open world. That said, there are games where the zoning didn’t bug me. AoC was one of those, maybe because the zones felt ‘local’ in a way. Also CoH, because it felt like you were patrolling that particular neighborhood, much as Daredevil patrols Hell’s Kitchen. I think the distinction is that both of those games don’t make an effort to provide an expansive world, setling instead for locales of interest. In a title like EQ2 or LotRO where the zones are supposed to be contiguous, it bugged me that you’d have to go through a load screen to get from one area to the area right next door.