Adventures in Northrend

My progress plan, which I’ve pretty much stopped bothering to update, had me reaching level 70 on or around May 1st. There was never any question that this was acheivable, only of whether or not I would actually be able to allocate sufficient time to do it.

Turns out that I did – I hit 70 over the weekend, adventuring in Borean Tundra. Progress from 68 to 70 was very fast, probably due to the leveling speed increase to Outland content and the 60-70 levels that went in with Wrath. The huge gear upgrade helped as well. Once I was at 70 progress was obviously slower, but that’s okay – here on the final lap I’m more willing to stretch my legs a bit – it’s not like there’s any shortage of content.

I’ve done a bit of poking around in Northrend now – I’ve seen most of Borean Tundra and bits of Dragonblight, Crystalsong Forest (in a failed attempt to get to Dalaran,) and Howling Fjord. I can say at this point that while I have no idea how the content compares, Howling Fjord is much more visually striking and interesting than Borean Tundra.

I’m about 75% of the way through level 70 and I’m still about 400 gold short of getting a flying mount, due partially to my utter inability to sell so much as a matchstick in the auction house, so going back to get my mining skill up is still going to have to wait. That remains my primary play goal right now, although I was very tempted to drop the ~350 gold on a set of 20-slot Frostweave bags instead. I figure I ought to have enough by level 72 at the latest, and grinding skill up in Outland ought to be easier by then.

At some point I will probably try to grind up Cooking and Fishing as well – Hippomenes is actually reasonably proficient at the latter, but of course at level 30 he can’t really fish in high-level zones.

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2 responses to “Adventures in Northrend

  1. Much the same take on it as me, Howling Fjord is absolutely stunning visually and to be honest I prefer alot of the quests in HF, however Boreon Tundra is the better place for ‘levelling’ due to the sheer volume of quests available.

    Id also recommend you try Utgarde Keep asap as you get a very very nice blue axe from the final boss. I was using it up to level 75 or 76.

    Anyway nice to see things are progressing for you, my advice is dont try and get to 80 as fast as you can. Enjoy the leveling process and the areas to their full, once you hit 80 the game changes a hell of a lot and whilst still enjoyable it is weird to be at the ‘destination’ of level cap and now needing to gear up.