Free Realms Releases Today

Well, it’s out. And it’s free. And it’s from SOE, who I have high confidence in. So you should try it, especially if you have kids you can play it with.

Me, I’m not much interested in it, and I have no children, so I wasn’t gunning for it enough to get into the beta, or to talk much about it here. But I will sooner or later be bored in front of the computer, and I’ll try it. It has every chance of becoming huge.


One response to “Free Realms Releases Today

  1. I tired it last Friday…. and I liked it well enough that I played it again on Sunday, and I was hoping to be able to play it last night after it launched yesterday… but it was still “launching” last night.

    Definitely aimed at kids, but the minigames are amazingly addictive and fun, so it’s good for anyone. VERY casual — a good way to kill 20 minutes with a minigame or 2. If anyone were to “hardcore it” I’m sure they could max level on every job in less than a month, but why? The levels don’t really seem to mean anything, except in the combat jobs, so. . . who knows?

    It’s very fun. All ya do is go to the website and sign in. It downloads the client to your pc while you’re making your character, and then from there it’s pretty much sign in and go.