Deadmines, Noblegarden and Level 71

It was an eventful evening, all told. Vaktor had been hovering about 16% away from level 71 for a couple of days, so I ran some more quests in Borean Tundra and got him there. In the course of it, I attempted to solo the ‘Last Rites’ quest, which provides a gigantic (and statistically very awesome) two-handed axe as a reward. It did not go well. The second time, I called in the metaphorical airstrike (help from a guildie 80 Hunter,) and had another fella who was there to do it as well. We still nearly wiped, and in fact the 80 died, likely due to pulling threat from the tank (level 78 Death Knight, who’d also failed an attempt to solo the thing,) with her massive DPS.

In the end we finished it – and it’s a neat quest, absolutely unsoloable so far as I can tell, at least below 80. The titular Lich King himself even shows up. (Every time I see him I want to say “I thought you’d be taller.”) And the reward is very much worth it. Afterwards, comfortably level 71, I headed Vaktor Innward to rest while I did other stuff.

Something I’m noticing as I steadily re-gear is that I’m getting a lot less +Agility stuff (less stuff that’s +Agl while also being +Str and +Sta, that is.) This is unfortunate, as high agility makes me crit more, something that as a Ret-specced Paladin I kind of depend on. And my Strength is losing out as well. On the other hand, my Stamina is through the roof – I think I’ve stacked on about 2800 hit points since coming to Northrend, between three levels and all the +Stamina gear I’m getting. Last night after hitting 71 and getting the axe I topped 10,000 Health for the first time.

I next headed down to Goldshire (where I’ve had a level 8 Warrior parked for a few weeks,) to do some Noblegarden stuff. While looking at the Achievements, it’s apparent that lowbies have no hope of getting them all without high-level help, but can still get some of them even just in the starter zone. Unfortunately, as anyone who’s been keeping up has read, the eggs that are the center of the whole event only spawn in a very limited area, and the spawn spots are both well-known and thoroughly camped, so more patience is needed than I really had. I got some eggs and a quest turn-in with Geoffery the Warrior (and with Vaktor the other night, which ended in a PvP skirmish with some 80s that went badly.)

I have never been much for these holiday events, truth be told – in any game. I don’t even care very much about a lot of the holidays in the real world, much less the ones in-game. About the only one I’d done in the past was the Children’s Week sightseeing quest, and that only to get the 5 gold reward that was offered – 5 gold being quite a lot of money for somebody whose highest character is in the low teens. Surprisingly, though, the Noblegarden stuff is kind of fun despite the frustration of farming the eggs, so the seasonal events are something I’ll be looking at doing in the future. There’s even some PvP involved if you like, as Hordies roll into Goldshire to harrass the Alliance players participating.

At 9 PM I hopped in with Throar (my Dwarf Hunter) and Mrs. Ardwulf with her Priest to run Deadmines in a prearranged guild run. We were both a bit high for it at level 24, so we took some teasing about it being a cheese run, but we took down the instance with no loss of life, although there were a couple of bad pet pulls (one by me and one by our Warlock) that could have turned dire in a hurry. We employed a Druid in bear form as our primary tank, which I was iffy with at first. I am the tank of our pairing on my own Druid, so I’m practiced at it and still have more than my share of trouble, but she did just as well as I would have done once she got a feel for the aggro-managing abilities, which took only a few pulls, and performed commendably. I’d say that we accomplished the whole thing very handily in the end.

The Mrs. and I had already gotten all of the quests for the instance, and turning them in got both of us to level 25. And where nothing that dropped in the mines was an upgrade for me (Mrs. Ardwulf got a new caster chest piece,) one of the quest rewards was a pretty nice leather chest that I put on right away.

I have really enjoyed all of the instance runs I’ve done so far – even the cheese runs. Soon I want to run Vaktor though the Nexus, for which I have several quests.

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