Clear Skies 2 Trailer Released!

I’m not really into machinima as a genre. There’s lots of very well-done examples of it of course, that I’ve enjoyed, and there will be more.

Every so often a piece comes along in any artistic medium that transforms it utterly, transcending previous examples, worthy though they may have been, and showing more of the true potential of the form. One might say that The Birth of a Nation did this form film, and that Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band did it for music.

Clear Skies did that for machinima. It’s not just as good as previous machinima efforts, it’s as good as anything but the best science fiction you’d see on television. Download it in the highest resolution your bandwidth can handle and watch it.

Yesterday the trailer for Clear Skies 2 was released.

You can download a higher-res version of the trailer here, and the finished work is expected in May. Discussion can be found here on the EVE forums. I can’t wait.

One response to “Clear Skies 2 Trailer Released!

  1. V ery like me tbh im mainly playing lotro at the moment..main gf is playing it with me makes life sooo much easier …saying that we have just capped and are oing to roll new chars…ive normally burnt out on it by now so its a refereshing change 🙂