I’m So Noble

Yesterday I noted that I am not heavily into the holiday-themed events which seem obligatory for every MMO. Mrs. Ardwulf, however, is. As a result, we spent last night on our Druids, doing the Noblegarden quests. I had to spent a few hours farming eggs to catch up to where she already was. Everything is bind on pickup, so we couldn’t even double-team it.

I sometimes get focused on a goal and drive toward it relentlessly. This occurred last night when I stayed up for anouther hour and a half after Mrs. Ardwulf had gotten her capstone achievement and gone to bed. At the very end of the night, thus, I got the ‘Noble Gardener’ achievement and the accompanying title.

This’d be the first title I’ve gotten in WoW, where such things were, for a long time, quite hard to get. So I’m now “Hippomenes the Noble” to all and sundry. I don’t feel all that bad for not doing it on Vaktor instead – it pairs nicely with Mrs. Ardwulf’s character and I figure on moving the Druid toward the cap anyway.

The quests were fun to do, even with the challenge of getting level 30 characters into Un’Goro Crater (a level 50-55 zone,) and all the running around. We ended up swimming from Theramore (in Dustwallow,) to Steamwheedle Port in Tanaris. Even that would have gotten us killed if it weren’t for escorts. Getting the eggs, however, was a rather merciless grind, partly due to the very limited area in which they spawn (essentially only in the level 5 towns in the starting zones.) The most fun was had when we had to do the quest to put bunny ears on a female of each race, a quest which has drawn some controversy. Female Tauren are apparently very hard to find – we had to coerce a guildie into porting us to Dalaran after camping Booty Bay and Ratchet for about an hour to no avail. I even tried to sneak into the Crossroads. Yay for wisp scouting, but all it got me was dead a couple of times. Segra Darkthorn has sharp eyes for stealthed Night Elves, as it turns out.

EDIT: Dalaran’s reputation as a hub of lag is inaccurate, by the way – the hit to performance there is a hit to performance, and has nothing to do with lag, although lag might sometimes accompany it. One wonders why this is when so much of the rest of WoW runs so smoothly. At any rate we just turned our video settings down and everything ran fine on both computers.

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One response to “I’m So Noble

  1. I didn’t have any performance issues in Dalaran in beta, and I do have substantial loading times (which I’ll concede are technically not lag), even after the city finishes loading (and, on a bad evening, while rounding the corner and coming into sight of the banks). My guess would be that the issue is a relatively texture-intensive city (didn’t have problems on this machine with populations in Shattrath at level 70) combined with a very very large player population (since the beta city alone didn’t give me issues).