Start a New Character in Age of Conan at 50?

As noted by OpenEdge, who as far as I can tell has scooped Massively on the news, starting next patch, players who have a level 50 character will be able to start another character at level 50.

This is a neat idea that I’m sure will be recieved well, but it speaks to me of an endgame-oriented focus that I am (still) not sure AoC can support. In addition, there’s a big caveat – you can only do it once. I’m not sure if this means that if you create a new class at 50 and delete it, you can do it again, or if it’s truly a one-time only thing.

What I would prefer is a solid, steady leveling curve with varied, quality content in multiple paths leading up to the cap. It’s actually surprising how few games offer this. EQ2 is the only one I can think of, really – even WoW is somewhat lacking in this regard, although less so than previously. What could a game do to encourage people to not only continue playing their capped characters, but also to level new characters as well? City of Heroes seems to manage this better than any other game I’ve seen, despite a kind of shallow array of mechanical directions for characters to go and generally repetitive content. Then again, CoH is still the only game in town for those who want a superhero MMO – at least for the moment.


4 responses to “Start a New Character in Age of Conan at 50?

  1. What I would prefer is a solid, steady leveling curve with varied, quality content in multiple paths leading up to the cap

    This is important to note.
    Patch 1.05 will slow down the speed leveling that was possible thanks to changes in Stamina/Mana drain, and the “Mob Rules” system. Gear will matter a bit more also.
    Basically the really cool feature of taking massive amounts of mobs on at once in game now is to be quelled. The player will have to be more careful and methodical and the combat can take a bit of time compared to previously.
    Pot smackdowns, and watching attributes will be key. The placement factors in combat to line up mobs that is a cool feature will be more in need…and the shields system will have to be studied, along with soldiers working on stance dancing a bit.
    The learning curve for combat got a whole new makeover basically.

    Final note. The content to level 70 HAS been fixed, and all levels up to 70 have quests to motivate with little to no downtime. And patch 1.05 fixes level 70-80.

    Overall, some very interesting changes in my opinion. Just need Funcom to pay attention to us as customers though. I am watching that as well and see if they really make an effort or will be like the “old” Funcom.

    Cheers mate!

  2. This is a great idea only if you have the option to do this once. I really hope everquest 2 will do something like this

  3. I think there is a thing in EQ2 now where you get a bonus to earned XP for every character, some percentage (5%, maybe?) for each character you have at 80 (the current cap.)

    @Edge: How is PvP and city building/seige stuff working? Or is there now sufficient post-cap PvE content to keep people busy with that?

  4. Post cap PvE has grown…according to the devs. I still to reach that pinnacle, but I am close..from Border Kingdom resource hunting (PvP), Solo and Raid dungeons and 6 man team dungeons, Sieges have improved…yea…there is quite a bit now.

    I am ready to get there and taste it.