Several Days of Action for One Low Price

Between the weekend and last night, I got a few things accomplished.

Vaktor is now level 72, and still adventuring in Dragonblight. As noted previously, the zone has a lot of group quests and elite mobs, and unlike the elites in Borean Tundra, who for the most part cold be soloed with minimal trouble, you need groups for these, barring doing them with 80s. Some time soon I will be going back to the old world to get my mining up to 300, and to Outland from there.

Hippomenes and Atelanta (Druid & Druid) are both at level 31, and currently finishing some stuff up in Wetlands. They’re of a level to be looking at running Scarlet Monastery.

Throar and Hesta (Hunter & Priest) are level 26 and are not quite sure where to head next, but it’ll probably be Wetlands. I would like to get them through Blackfathom Deeps before they get any higher.

Mintakar & Alnilana (Warrior and Shaman) are level 9 and still in Azuremyst Isle, where I intend for us to do every last quest. Same with Bloodmyst Isle, to which we should be getting fairly soon. These are new characters, recreations of the ones we got into the low 20s on another server, intended to replace our pair of human characters, who are already deleted.

I also played, for the first time in months, a little bit of Horde, hopping in on a level 15 Warrior who’d been sitting around. I was reminded just how big a hassle it is to solo a Warrior through that level range. I think I’ll end up deleting him and replacing him with something else.

I’m hard against the character cap of 10 per server right now. Ideally, I would like to have a character in each class (maybe excluding the Death Knight) just to give me maximum variety, but right now I’m carrying two Hunters, two Warriors and two Mages, and some of those duplicates need to go. All of the canididates for deletion are in the high teens, which for a long time was a respectable enough level to keep me from easily scrapping them. But something’s gotta give, so I think it’ll be the Undead Mage and Tauren Warrior. The Orc Hunter I plan to keep – I don’t mind one duplicated class, and the Hunter is an agreeable soloing option on the Horde side.

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One response to “Several Days of Action for One Low Price

  1. For me, I have the SOE Station Pass, so in EQ2 I have 12 total character slots. Back when TSO came out, I wanted to make a Sarnak Mystic and also I wanted to try a Brigand…. but I was using 11 of my 12, so if I was going to make those 2 new characters, something had to give.

    Bye bye Level 40 Berserker. He always bored me silly anyway, and it was frankly a miracle I got him that high — mostly guildies in the right level range from the low 20’s up until the toon hit 40 that needed a tank and didn’t want me to mentor my SK down.

    Still, this was before the change to XP amounts needed to level, so level 40 was pretty significant. Of course, the Brigand is now level 54 and the mystic is 46, and they’re both WAY more fun than that ‘zerk ever was, IMO.