New Characters

I bit the bullet last night and deleted two characters, a level 16 Tauren Warrior and a level 18 Undead Mage. In both cases I have characters in the same classes on the Alliance side, of somewhat lower level, but nothing that can’t be made up in an afternoon or two. The hunter stays, as an ideal soloing class, but if at some point I need the space, I’ll delete him as well.

I have plans to make a Tauren Shaman (and dread questing through Mulgore again,) and an Orc Warlock, giving me a character in each class so I can play around to my heart’s content. I’m going to make a Death Knight as well, to see that content – but I’ll do it on another server. It’s highly probable that this will be a PvP server. I don’t like the class very much from what I’ve seen so far, but then I’ve only gone through a fraction of the starting chain and therefore have not really seen the whole spectrum of what can be done with the class. I have every reason to think that a Death Knight at 60, fully kitted out in blues, is a reasonable match for any other class.

I haven’t decided what class to push hardest with Hordeside yet. As I’ll be soloing more often than not, the Hunter and Warlock are probably the easiest options. Some of the Hordeside Warlock quests (to get your Voidwalker, for example,) are fairly difficult, but it’s really not worth $15 to transfer my existing 24 Warlock from Underbog.

I made an Undead Priest last night, which is a class that really doesn’t shine until spec becomes more important in the 20s or he gets into group content where he can heal. We’ll see where this goes, but I’m a little frustrated by the his fragility combined with a lack of firepower. But then, he’s level 7, so it’s not like he’s had a chance to mature.

Tonight we’re off to see a midnight showing of Star Trek, by the way. I will probably report on it tomorrow.

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One response to “New Characters

  1. I’m slowly, on rested XP only, levelling a shadow-spec forsaken priest. I ran into some serious barriers (mostly concerning mana) around late level 18, and then, once I cleared level 20, it got better REALLY suddenly. I’m enjoying it a lot.