A Lean Weekend

What with Mrs. Ardwulf’s graduation coming up, folks coming in from out of town and such, there’s been a ton to do this week, and not all that much time for things like WoW. Nevertheless, yesterday we did a few things. Mrs. Ardwulf bought herself Spore and messed around with that while I played World of Warcraft for a few hours in the afternoon.

As I think I mentioned last week, I’ve made a few extra Horde-side characters, since all but one of my Alliance characters are paired up with characters of hers, so I need some characters to play when she’s not available. Last week I started an Undead Priest, for example, and Sunday I tried out the new Tauren Shaman for the first time. It’s another of those classes I’ve never gotten above level 10 or so. I have both characters at level 7 at the moment.

I have always had a hate-hate relationship with Mulgore. One one one hand, I think it’s a very scenic and atmospheric area, and I find that atmosphere highly agreeable. On the other hand, the zone has you doing a great deal of running back and forth, and the quest chains are loaded with PITA collections which feature hard-to-find mobs and poor drop rates, in areas crawling with aggroable foes, where unexpected pulls can be distressingly common and result in a trip back from the graveyard. I don’t actually have a probalem with any of that, but it’s hard to take at level 6-9.

However, my attitude is also somewhat different now. The experience of having a higher-level character has shown me the value of faction, for example, even the standard Alliance and Horde factions. And I’m approaching the game in a more relaxed way, instead of busting ass to try to level as quickly as possible, such that I am generally inclined to try to do every single available quest – at least the solo stuff, and virtually everything under level 15 falls into that category.

I also made a Death Knight, on the RP/PvP Ravenholdt server, so as not to clutter up any roster spots on Kirin Tor. I finished the starting quest chain, which I felt was well-done but a bit disappointing. I didn’t think that the chain provides sufficient motivation to abandon the Lich King, or the Lich King to abandon the Death Knights. The final assault on Light’s Hope Chapel is pretty cool, as are some of the other quests.

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One response to “A Lean Weekend

  1. Re the Death Knights starter zone I agree to an extent. It is still the best starter zone imo and holds a half decent story however as you say the end is a bit disappointing despite the cool battle. If they wanted to make it better they need to examine your own character remebering its ‘human’ past. It does this with one quest slightly when you have to go to the barracks and kill someone who recognises you from your previous life. I just cant get myself interested enough to roll a death knight past the starter zone.