Into Ragefire Chasm

Last night I revisited Hrishnak, my Orc Hunter. This is the third time I’ve created the character, before finidng a home on Kirin Tor, and he’d lain fallow for a long time. I have more or less decided to make him my Horde ‘main’ for the time being. So I got him into the Hordeside guild as well.

Almost immediately, somebody was started setting up a run at Ragefire Chasm, the starter/low-lowbie dungeon in Orgrimmar. It took a few minutes to get the group together and collected, and a few more for the instance server to get up, but after that we ran the instance. We ended up with two Hunters and a Warlock, which is a lot of extra pets, and we did have some typical errors which turned ugly, but not too ugly. (One of those was a tab-target goof by me that ended in an extra pull.) But we took down everything fairly handily, and while nothing resembling Hunter gear dropped, RFC does usually drop some worthwhile Warlock stuff. I gained two levels, and it was fun.

Ragefire Chasm is not an especially interesting dungeon, but it’s a good first run, not very challenging, that most groups vaguely in the level range will be able to complete easily as long as they pull and select targets carefully.

I need to get my new Warlock out of the starter area and into Razor Hill, so I can start sending herbs and stuff his way – all the stuff worth keeping from the deleted characters was sent to Hrishnak, and his bags and bank are bulging.

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