Clear Skies 2, Visitors, and More Horde Play

Clear Skies 2 is wall-to-wall awesome. I watched it last night after busting my behind to get our place fixed up for the visitors (Mrs. Ardwulf’s out-of-town relatives) who’ll be staying with us from tomorrow through the weekend. It’s even more ambitious than the first installment and has the same great dialogue and action, and even a big space battle. I can’t wait to see episode 3.

In other business, I played some on Hrishnak, mostly doing some running-around quests and completing the chains that lead to the Wailing Caverns quests. In the process I hit level 19. After playing quite a bit on higher-level characters, I’m annoyed by not haviong either a mount of some kind of speed buff, but that changes with Aspect of the Cheetah at level 20.

I’ve also switched from gun to bow, because I like the aesthetic better for an Orc, and I’m doing the Engineer Hunter thing Alliance-side. I’m going to switch to Skinning/Leatherworking as well, which will change my plans for a couple of other characters, which is okay – none of them have gotten very far.

I probably won’t get much solid play in tonight, although I’d like to get my new Warlock out of the Valley of Trials and into Razor Hill, just so I can efficiently mail stuff between every character – there’s a lot of herbs and gems cluttering up Hrishnak’s bags and bank right now, plus some ore.

One response to “Clear Skies 2, Visitors, and More Horde Play

  1. Hopefully there will be an episode 3. I did notice in the credits that he asked to have his life back….

    I loved that it was the red sofa that ended up killing the bad guy.

    “6 months? 6 seconds is more like it!”

    “How much?!?!?!?!?!?!”

    Good times!