Full Set of Hordies, Plus the Crafting Reshuffle

I now have a full suite of Horde characters, to cover the gaps in my Alliance lineup.

OK, so I jumped onto Vaarteng (my Blood Elf Rogue, currently level 12) last night to check on his tradeskills (I haven’t played him at all since resubscribing.) As I’d thought, he has Mining and Jewelcrafting – so far, so good. Somehow he endeed up with a large amount of leather, so I sent that off to Hrishnak, who is abandoning Mining/Engineering for Skinning/Leatherworking. Some effort will be required to grind his Skinning up a bit, but I’ll need the leather anyway.

Blusterhorn (level 9 Tauren Shaman) swapped out his skinning and Leatherworking for Herbalism and Inscription. Like Jewelcrafting, I have not fooled with this craft before and it works a bit differently than other trades. Milling, like Prospecting, seems monstrously inefficient, especially since you need the metal bars as well. But, it’s possible to get gems from Mining and from drops; I’ve never seen the pigments used in Inscription drop anywhere. I’m curious to see how both professions develop – I’ve already made some useful gewgaws with Jewelcrafting.

So, I now have the following to work with:

  • Hrishnak, a level 19 Orc Hunter specialized in Skinning and Leatherworking.
  • Vaarteng, a level 12 Blood Elf Rogue with Mining and Jewelcrafting.
  • Blusterhorn, a level 9 Tauren Shaman with Herbalism and Inscription.
  • Frogwood, a level 8 Undead Priest with Tailoring and Enchantment.
  • Arythena, a level 6 Blood Elf Warlock with Herbalism and Alchemy planned.
  • I am leaving out Engineering (on the grounds that it’s not good for all that much unless the character is himself an Engineer, and for some oddball quest items,) and Blacksmithing (on the grounds that every Hordie on this list is a clothie or leather-wearer, and while the Shaman and Hunter can upgrade to mail at level 40, the Leatherworker can start making mail at around that point. Also, Blacksmithing sucks.)

    I was originally going to make my Warlock an Orc, since I like the Orc and all, but I deleted that unplayed character in favor of a Blood Elf, more or less because I didn’t want to run another character through the Barrens, and specifically because the level 10 quest to get your Voidwalker in Durotar is silly hard, if you actually try it at level 10. Hopefully the quest in Eversong will be easier. I have been through the Barrens many times, and while I like the zone quite a bit, doing it twice more will suffice. And yes, I know I could always run an Orc or Tauren up to Ghostlands, but I don’t like doing that.

    In contrast, I have never even seen very much of the Ghostlands, and it’s supposed to be the fastest 10-20 zone in the game, which I can readily believe, since Eversong Woods is the fastest 1-10 zone (IMO it’s a bit faster than Azuremyst Isle.)

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