Back in the Swing

As predicted, not a lot got played over the weekend, although I did sneak off to the computer for a couple of wee hours. I did get Blusterhorn the Shaman to level 10, where there’s a class quest waiting for him, and another solid round of doing stuff in Mulgore. I also hit 20 on Hrishnak the Hunter, a high for Horde on Kirin Tor, although as I think I have mentioned, this is the third time I’ve made essentially this character, and I had him up to 30 over on Stormreaver. I’ve since deleted that version of the character, as well as the original on Windrunner, who I’d gotten to 16.

My Warlock is finished with all of the Eversong Woods stuff before moving into Eversong Woods proper. She’s going to be my Alchemist as soon as I get her trained. My top priority for play is probably Frogwood the Priest, though – he’s at full rest XP at level 7, and I want to get him into armor enchantments as soon as possible.

Mrs. Ardwulf and I put in a couple of hours last night, running our paired Druids through quests in Wetlands that we are somehwhat above. I did not gain a level, so I’m still at 31.

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