Moving Forward

I pushed Frogwood the Undead Priest up to level 9 last night. As seems to be the case now for any mana-using class I’m playing other than the Paladin, mana supply is the biggest issue. I should eventually be able to correct this via Int gear and spec, but right now I’m kind of frustrated by it.

I went to upgrade my Tailoring, and was reminded that you need level 10 to get the second train of any real crafting skill. Oddly, this hasn’t come up very often. I ought to be able to get him to level 10 pretty easily, but I’m trying to take best advantage of rest XP – which means that the next character on the slate is going to be my long-unplayed Blood Elf Rogue.

I’m also trying to stick to a new rule of no sitting on my corpulent ass before 9 PM, in an effort to stay a little more active. I figure two hours a day of WoW and internet surfing is plenty. Woven into this goal is the fact that I’ve registered for a math class – one of several semi-remedial classes I will need to take – at Cuyahoga Commmunity College. The summer term starts next week, so once that happens I can pretty much count on playing much less, at least during the week.

I predict great difficulty catching up on the math. I’m sure I can do it, but I’m in the process of arranging for some tutoring help on that front. I will end up with something like three years of Calculus and post-Calculus math, so I’d better be comfortable with it.

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