A Worry

As folks who keep up with the news know, much of the American automotive industry is shutting down for part or all of the summer. At my place of employment, this means we’re shut down – and thus laid off – next week, and probably at least one more week in June or July. My status as a contractor means no work, no pay.

But it isn’t all bad. We have some kind of festivity planned for some point during this coming weekend. I plan to spend at least one full day in a frenzy of WoW. My Math class, which is now not only scheduled but paid in full, starts on Wednesday. And on Thursday Mrs. Ardwulf and I head down to Columbus (about two hours away,) to visit Ohio State University , where I’ve made an appointment to talk to a counselor about both reinstatement and the classes I’ll need to take at community college. We plan to try to get in a visit to Columbus State if there’s time, and there should be, but I need to talk to the folks at Ohio State first, so I know what I’ll need to take.

There is, of course, some anxiety inherent to the process. How do I know Ohio State won’t tell me to get lost, given a very spotty academic history? (I’m looking at the transcript now, and trust me, it’s not a pretty story.) The visit, in part, is to get me some assurance that I do in fact have some chance at reinstatement.

If nothing else, though, I do know that I will be able to handle the material, at least at the undergraduate level. I expect to need some help at least part of the way, especially with the math side of things, but that’s okay. I’m pretty sure that last time around it didn’t even occur to me to get some of the math help that virtually every college offers – and it would have helped, as math was the thing I choked on the worst, despite considerable native talent in that area.

I do not neccessarily expect Ohio State to say “absolutely not,” (although I do expect them to set conditions – but they’ll probably be the same conditions I’ve decided to meet myself,) but I need to be prepared in case they do, since Ohio State tends to be selective in who they admit. Then again, I got in once, and I’ll be applying for reinstatement rather than as a new student, and that distinction may prove important.

Still, I need a plan B, since I plan to go back to school regardless of where that works out to be. I hadn’t given much thought to the prospect of being turned down flat until today.

Wish me luck.


2 responses to “A Worry

  1. I’m really sorry to hear about the job situation. I hope you can bury your anxiety for awhile and finish up that college thing you’ve started. I am sure the extra effort (andpadding on your resume) will really pay off when things turn around.

  2. Hmm not so good on the job front, just try to remain as positive about things as you can. When one door closes another opens, it just depends how long you stay in the hall of opportunity 😉

    As for the college stuff, fingers crossed for you – im sure you will do great 🙂