Vanguard Megapatch Goes Live, AoC Turns 1

Age of Conan is one year old today. Happy birthday, AoC!

Also today, the ‘Halls of the Pantheon’ patch goes live in Vanguard. This is a big one – it adds 200 new quests, raises the level cap to 55 and adds new abilities and a number of new game elements. Patch notes HERE. This tickles my Vanguard fancy, but now’s a bad time to be getting into another game.

That said, if SOE offers free time again some time this summer…


2 responses to “Vanguard Megapatch Goes Live, AoC Turns 1

  1. I think it was your post about the GU6 for VG that got me to reinstall it. I have SOE’s station pass so it didn’t cost me anything. I think I played it a total of about 3 weeks, getting a Paladin to level 14, a Monk to level 12, and then a variety of classes on the new starter island ranging from levels 4 to 9.

    I needed some space on my hard drive a couple of weeks ago. The 19GB Vanguard folder got dumped. This new patch won’t bring me back… highest toon’s only 14, after all. Plus with every server being an RMT server now… I doubt I’ll ever install it ever again.

  2. That said, if SOE offers free time again some time this summer…..

    well we hwere just told VG has a free month for inactive subs 🙂
    you asked for it you got it lol