A Long Week

There went an entire long week off, during which I didn’t post at all. But the good news is that I have plenty to write about today.

The Week in Gaming
Quite a lot of WoW got played over the early part of the week, in which much progress was made, but none on the leading edge of leveling. I now have a level 10 Draenei Mage that I’m enjoying and a level 20 Dwarf Warrior who I was finding exceptionally frustrating for a while. Ironic that the Feral Druid tank was frustrating because of my previous experience with the Warrior, and now the Warrior is frustrating in comparison. But at level 20 he’s starting to shape up nicely. I am speccing him Arms for the time being, but later on (pre-70) I plan to switch him over to Prot.

Mrs. Ardwulf and I spent a whole day running instances, Deadmines a couple of times and Stockades, for the latter of which we were a bit low on the level side. The Dwarf Warrior got several pieces of very nice blue stuff from Deadmines and from the quests there. The Deadmines group was mostly guild folks along with one Warlock PuGger, who made quite an ass of himself, for example refusing to use any pet other than the Voidwalker, who consequently kept pulling threat off of the main tank.

WoW’s two primary pet classes are regarded as the easiest in the game to play, and that’s largely true. But playing them in instances requires some skill and good sense, where the main tank losing aggro can wipe the group (and this is indeed what happened to us in the fight against Mr. Smite,) or where a twitch pet pull can be similarly disastrous. In these two cases, Hunter and Warlock, I think that the ease of play during the general course of leveling may encourage the kind of sloppy play we saw.

Of course, this doesn’t even qualify as a horror story by PuG standards, and we all knew that this kind of thing happens.

SOE is offering free time for lapsed subscribers to Vanguard again. Some who have wailed that this is the game’s last gasp appear to have forgotten that SOE has done this at least once a year since the game launched. I have it patched up but did not have a chance to play it yet. I plan to, but time is gonna be short until later in the week, for reasons noted below.

Very annoyingly, however, I again received no notification from SOE about the free time, and found about it from blogs on my feedreader. I think it may just be me, since others did in fact receive such e-mails.

The Week in Education
After weeks of soul-searching and discussion with friends, family and the very loving and supportive Mrs. Ardwulf, I am going back to college. In fact, I started class last week. The end result of said discussion, however, is that I’m not going to pursue Astronomy, opting instead for computer science. This is much less ambitious but makes a whole lot more sense on several levels, and it’s assuredly a better fit for me both professionally and personally.

Last Friday the wife and I trotted down to Columbus to talk to some folks at Ohio State about getting back in there, the prospects for which appear bright. The Community College stuff I’m doing right now won’t get me much farther than caught up with Math, but that’s my most deficient area, so that’s okay.

The class I’m taking right now is Trigonometry, the first in a two-class pre-calculus sequence. I am right now finding it very challenging, but it’s also really early – there’s only been one class so far, and I figure I got a solid five hours of homework out of it, much of which was spent with me beating my head against problems which required techniques only dimly remembered. It has, after all, been eighteen years since I last took math. The basics of the trig functions themselves I am doing okay with.

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