David Eddings is Dead

The news has broken that Fantasy author David Eddings, writer of The Belgariad epic fantasy series, passed away yesterday at age 77. He was not a varied writer, but, along with Terry Brooks, he was instrumental in popularizing fantasy within the shadow of J. R. R. Tolkien. His work was one of those that showed both writers and fans that fantasy independent

I have always held a soft spot in my heart for The Belgariad. It was not a deep work, but it was more complex than most people credit it as, and it remains compelling and highly readable.


3 responses to “David Eddings is Dead

  1. I realy hate to hear this, I just got done reading “Polgara the Sorceress” last week. After reading “Pawn of Prophecy”, The first of his books I read. He became one of my top five writers. I fell in love with the people and the world he made.

    Rest in peace

  2. After Tolkein, Eddings was the first fantasy author I read. His later works, more so than the Belgariad, felt more like a Pirates of the Carribean-style romp where the purpose of the villians was to allow the good guys to look cool beating them than serious fantasy. Still, the banter made for some decent swashbuckling entertainment. He’ll be missed. /salute

  3. Sad news i remember reading the belgariad when i ws at college..in fact i still own all the books ..