I’m bored enough with WoW to be unwilling to play it while Mrs. Ardwulf is consumed (consumed I say!) by Sims 3, although I did level my Orc hunter to 25 over the weekend, the third hunter I’ve gotten to that level. The Mrs. assures me that she will want to play WoW some time this week.

This left me, on Saturday, with a choice of several options. I could play WoW (and did for a good 3 hours or so,) or install something else. Or resubscribe to something else.

I have mentioned that I have had a hankering to play some EverQuest. As regular readers know, I have dabbled with it a wee bit but never really put any effort into it. And that’s a shame, becuase there are a number of good and valid reasons why it’s still around.

So instead of just playing the (currently free) Vanguard, I reactivated my StationPass. Thankfully, nothing cures a desire to play EverQuest than playing EverQuest. I lasted about two hours on a new character before I needed a break. While I can appreciate the virtues of the game and have some desire to learn more about it, the UI and controls grate on me. But I’m not giving up.

I also put some time into EQ2, which has been, on and off, a bread-and-butter game by my standards. And it just sang. Coming back to EQ2 always feels like a homecoming for me, and this time was no exception. Plus I have plenty of friends there. I’m going to try to get some more time in this week.

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One response to “Homeland

  1. ❤ EQ2!!

    Still my #1 game. Got my dirge up to 65 yesterday, and remembered how much I love that toon.