DDO Goes Free to Play

Turbine promised us big news out of Dungeons & Dragons Online, and – finally – here it is. It’s a lulu.

D&D Online is going free to play.

The model here is that you can either be a free player, and pay extra for goods, unlocks and services in a DDO Store, or be a ‘premium’ player – meaning you pay the same $15 bucks a month the game costs now, in which case you get a bunch of stuff unlocked for you, and a certain number of ‘Turbine Points’, with which you can presumably buy stuff, free each month.

Bottom line is that folks will be able to play a lot of the game for free. This is excatly the kind of move I was hoping for from Turbine. DDO had a rocky launch but has shaped up very nicely since then, and is a great fit for this kind of hybrid subscription/microtransaction arragement.

More commentary to come as details materialize.

EDIT: I would just like to note that when Turbine started talking about ‘big DDO news’, I posted THIS on December 10. And pretty much nailed it.


5 responses to “DDO Goes Free to Play

  1. Meh, free to play games are getting way too confusing on free vs sub. Its my largest complaint since I started heavily playing free to play titles.

  2. I will be checking this out in due time as well, although probably not right away, busy as I am with EQ2 right now. I will also keep keeping an eye on DDO’s numbers to see how they change.

    I’ll do some more research on this when I get home.

  3. Hmm still not sure about DDO, since its free to play I probably will give it another bash. Id previously played it at launch and the UI and controls felt a bit forced and clunky