CCP to Formally Present Next Project

CCP CEO Hilmar Pétursson will provide “an exclusive first look at the company’s latest project, which is currently in pre-production,” at GDC Europe in Köln, Germany, August 17th-19th. The Massively article is HERE.

Massively makes the possibly safe assumption that the new project is World of Darkness Online. I would make the same assumption myself, and personally, this is a project I can’t wait to get a look at. As illustrated by EVE Online, CCP is far more willing to stretch the MMO paradigm than virtually anybody else in the business, and is also willing to nurture such a project until it becomes a success. In fact, I’d say CCP is the best in the industry at building a successful title out of a marginal one that appears very nichey on the surface.

On top of that, the IP is one that I admire a great deal, although on the tabletop I always considered the World of Darkness to be a set of concepts that read better on paper than it played on the tabletop. I do wonder, however, if the MMO iteration will be based on the classic World of Darkness or on White Wolf’s newer, reimagined version.

In either case, the WoD MMO is probably the future project that I’m most looking forward to seeing. I expect it’s at least two and possibly four years away yet, so there’s no sense getting too excited just yet.


3 responses to “CCP to Formally Present Next Project

  1. CCP’s designs are great, but their social management of EVE makes me leery. Its great for forum circle jerks and blind PR, but sucks for players that get jacked over and I guarantee EVE would have more players if CCP reigned in their progressive social stance on the game as a “real virtual world”.

  2. I’m not at all certain about that – the untamed interaction of EVE is, for many of its players, an attraction. Although I will certainly agree that it’s too much for my own tastes, sometimes. The fact is, though, that there are tons of other virtual worlds out there which manage player interaction much more tightly than EVE does. I think it’s good to have a game that doesn’t in the mix as well, although I’m not sure the same approach would be good for with WoDO.

    Speaking of which, that’s a heck of an acronym. WooooDO!

  3. I think the announcement will be about something else. WoD has already been announced and we know they’re working on it (Just because they’ve not been forthcoming with details doesn’t mean that they haven’ announced it). So my bet is that this will be something new and as yet unknown.

    Personally I think that the approach used with EVE would be ideally suited to the freeform storytelling style of WoD, (the games I’ve played of it at least) Let there be politicking and intrigue between vampire covens, Werewolf clans and mage cabals. Let the world be open and ripe for the taking. I just hope to god they don’t produce another WoW clone with different clothes on, that would be terribly disappointing especially as we all know from EVE what CCP are capable of.