The Next EQ2 Expansion?

Tipa thinks that the next EQ2 expansion is going to be Velious. With no other information at my disposal, I would suppose that she will be proven right.

Now, this means very little to me since I was not around in the long-ago of EQ1. But what I do expect is an increase in the level cap (to 90) and some kind of character type addition, which may be a new race or two, or even a new class or two, something I would personally welcome, as long as it’s cool.

The last such addition was the Sarnak, who are… well, kind of neat, actually, but I don’t really care for the look of them, nor do I especially care for their city, although I suppose that it’s really not any harder to get around in than Freeport of Qeynos. On that note, I also expect another city to be added on the Good side, bringing the total to three per faction. I’m actually a bit surprised this hasn’t been done already. Outside the context of the expansion, I would also like to see more character slots. Hell, I wouldn’t even mind if I had to buy them through some RMT thingie.

I would also expect that, if the next expansion is going to be released in the general vicinity of November (which has been the SOE practice,) that we will be hearing some kind of announcement in the next month or two.

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3 responses to “The Next EQ2 Expansion?

  1. Just as a note about the cities:

    Gorowyn = neutral
    Freeport, Darklight = Evil
    Qeynos, Kelethin = Good

    So there are already two of each and one neutral city. I wouldn’t expect a new city, or new race since the arasai, sarnak, and fae have all been brought in lately but the level cap going up (my guess is 85) would be nice since it did not raise last expansion.

  2. Gorowyn’s neutral? I never spent much time there, and the only character I started in that area ran off to Freeport as soon as he got the chance.

  3. It is, you have to be a ‘true neutral’ race to start there (minus the sarnak) like barbarian, gnome, or kerra (the races that can start in FP or Qeynos) and you can quest there and use merchants and brokers etc as a good aligned race.

    While the classes that get to create there are technically only evil, there’s nothing stopping those from Qeynos from wandering around and doing everything that someone from Freeport does. 🙂 Guards are not going to pose any issues.