MMO Genius of the Day: boatorious

Over HERE at Boathammer, we have a very intriguing post that you should all read.

However, the great genius of the post shall go unsung unless I myself point it out. Der Boatmeister has come up with a new metric for quantifying MMO leetness: The Hogger per Hour.

This scales up as high as you want, using standard SI prefixes. Thus you can have kH/hr, MH/hr, GH/hr, or what have you.

The genius here is that the Hogger per Hour is not just a measure of awesomeness, it’s also a measure of content, in boatorious’ usage. Thus you can quantify guilds or characters in terms of the number of H/Hr they consume, and content patches, raids or zones in terms of the number of Hoggers per Hour that they contain.

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