My Week in MMOs, 24/2009

I spent about 20 hours gaming over the past week. Most of that was spent in EQ2, primarily crafting. I realized late in the week, though, that I didn’t have much of a taste for EQ2’s adventuring content.

About 5 hours was spent in D&D Online, which is terrific. But I have gotten about as far as I would like to go (just short of level 3) by myself, and any further serious play (I may still fiddle with it over the next few weeks,) shall await the arrival of other players to my cute little guild, the Disciples of Tharizdun. Bonus points to those who recognize the reference. I did breach the subject of starting up a static DDO party to my Ars Magica group last night, once the game goes live with its free-to-play option, and they were receptive.

On Sunday I settled back into WoW, and was back on the horse in no time, with rekindled enthusiasm after the break. My Orc Hunter hit level 26, nearing the magical level of 29, at which point it’d make sense to stop for a bit and maybe run a few rounds of Warsong Gulch. Many players do this as a matter of course, keeping characters more or less permanently at the top of one or more low or mid-level brackets. I don’t propose to do that – I will never halt or even seriously slow a character’s progression just to do mid-level PvP, but I may try it out, having never actually done a Battleground at the top of a bracket before. (Higher up, where there are meaningful or at least cool PvP rewards, it makes a bit more sense to take the time to do this, but not at level 29.)

The Hunter is going to be my leveling main for the time being, and I intend to push pretty hard with him, scrupulously following the leveling guide. This got me very good results with my Paladin, and a couple of weeks should see pretty significant progress. What I am not going to do is monitor exact progression in an incredibly anal fashion. I have another outlet for that kind of thing, which I shall be discussing in due time.

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