Two Levels and Brief Battleground Action

Last night I gained 2 levels on my Orc Hunter, pushing him to 29. This is very close to my record for Hordies: as I’ve mentioned before, this character is a remake of another Orc Hunter of the same name that I’d made over on Stormreaver, who I pushed just to 30 and no farther, and who I deleted, having abandoned that server entirely.

I am using Tour Guide, which is essentially Jame’s Horde Leveling Guide in addon form. Yeah, it makes leveling so easy it’s almost cheating, but that’s okay for a first character, as far as I’m concerned. I have no shortage of alts, and my goal is to get this guy to Northrend as quickly as it reasonably possible. I always like to keep a level or two lead on this leveling guide, since doing an area like… oh, Charred Vale in the Stonetalon Mountains, for example, would be difficult and/or tedious at the level the guide suggests. (Not impossible, but requiring more care than I want to put in.)

I’m following the guide pretty closely, but I always find it impossible to follow such things 100% to the letter. For one, sometimes you just have to go back to town and train, the necessity of which Tour Guide omits entirely, and the printed guides assume will happen at certain points which may or may not align with actual dings. While I’m there, I will sometimes elect to do quest turn ins while there, or hit the bank and AH. Last night, at level 29 and having just trained for 28, I elected to do the Warsong Gulch daily, since I was walking right past the hall where the battlemasters reside.

I joined right at the tail end on a fairly decisive Horde victory, got caught flatfooted exiting the Horde building and was killed immediately, rezzed and helped take out some pursuers chasing the guy carrying the Alliance flag into our base for the third capture, and then the battle was over, less than five minutes after I’d joined it.

Hey, it completed the quest for me. I got little honor out of it since I was there for so short a time, but I stacked up a couple more marks and got a nice little hunk of XP for my trouble. Which helps make up for the quests I skipped in the leveling guide.

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