Well, lingering at 29 to enjoy some Warsong Gulch action did not happen – I hit 30 last night, and now am more worried about scraping up the cash for a mount. Obviously, on the Alliance side this wouldn’t be an issue, but this is my highest level Hordie. Ever, actually.

Nonetheless, I’m not all that short – I figure I need about 11 more gold, and if the stuff I listed on the AH sells, I’ll have that tonight. It’ll be my first look at the wolf mount in action.

I confess to being wholly ignorant of PvP rewards. I know there’s some high-end stuff you can get, but I don’t know how much Battleground action you have to do to get it, what level you have to be to equip it, or whether there’s sub-60 stuff available that’s worthwhile or not. Must investigate further, but at any rate I don’t intend to do much more than dabble before reaching the level cap. It is probably about time to start looking into the possibility of a second pet, but I’ll at least get the mount out of the way first.

It took me about 220 hours to get to level 70 with my Paladin. I’m curious to see whether this goes any faster, either because I’m inclined to waste less time (not that I wasted a ton last time,) or because I’m better at it the second time around – or because I’ve picked up the leveling guide a lot sooner.

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  1. Or you could wait for the patch where they’re going to nerf prices (and the level requirements) for mounts once more. Which I actually think is a good thing, even though I threw in the word ‘nerf’ there.