Sundry Items

With a tip of the hat to Bullet Points, whose format I stol… er, was inspired by without really thinking about it today.

WoW Progression
I’m moving fast. I gained another two levels last night, reaching 32, a new personal record on the Horde side. My auctions came through, and I had enough to buy my mount (I elected not to wait, possibly for a couple of months, for the next big patch to lower the cost – having a mount will help me get around faster and therefore, level faster,) train for 32, and have plenty left over. I also, more to clear out my overflowing bank than for any other reason, pushed my Leatherworking from 81 to 130, getting the Expert level, as well as the Arisan level in Skinning, which now sits at 250.

Whilst questing in Thousand Needles (a zone I dislike because I have an issue with vertigo and standing on great heights in-game can trigger it, and you do a lot of stuff on very tall mesas in that zone,) I discovered a new little nook that I hadn’t known was there, where some chimerae or manticores or something were nesting. I love this kind of thing, discovering something new about the virtual world. I also found a back way into the Sepulcher, which was less visually impressive.

I even took screenshots, which is something I often don’t bother with in WoW.

Aion Incoming
There are some blog posts talking about Aion HERE, HERE and HERE. As much as I would like to dismiss it with a wave of my lordly hand, it does look really good. I think I can hold out this time around, though. I am as committed to WoW as I have ever been to an MMO. Not for forever, of course, but for the time being.

Revamp En Route
This is my 450th post in this space. I’m seeing a lot of traffic right now, by my very modest standards. Expect to see some appearance changes here in the next couple of weeks as I go through links, make minor adjustments, and (probably) pick a new WordPress template.

The Next CCP Project
Today Massively is asking the question of what CCP’s next announced project is going to be; as previously noted, CCP’s CEO will be giving a first look at whatever it is at GDC Europe in August. Many people, including myself, think (and hope) that this will be World of Darkness Online, but as James Egan points out, the company has also hinted that it’s working on an FPS set in the EVE universe as well. CrazyKinux, King of the EVE Bloggers, discusses the FPS possibility as well. We probably shouldn’t entirely discount the idea that the announcement will be something entirely new, although I still think it’s probably 75% certain to be WoDO.


4 responses to “Sundry Items

  1. Thief! Thief!

    Kidding aside, I’ve heard of people getting motion sick playing these games, but vertigo is a whole new thing to me. How do you do on Thunder Bluff? Fantasy games love their tall vistas and spires and such. Must be annoying to you.

    Regarding Aion, I’m intrigued with the graphic style. It reminds me enough of Guild Wars that I’m immediately drawn to it. Tipa et al. are have called it a sort-of-WoW, so hopefully that ends up as a positive instead of a negative.

  2. Black text, white background please…I always go blind reading your blog…lol.

    But, as to Aion…lets do it right. Ignore the hype, and just read if the game suits you as a player. I am quite interested based on the videos I have seen and what I have read, that I will buy it on release…(and hopefully will get it cheaper with some type of deal)

    I am enjoying what I have, with AoC raiding and a new alt, Prototype for some single player love and I started back in EQ2 for 30 days…hoot yea.

    Have a good weekend!

  3. The vertigo, at least what I get from games, is a mild discomfort, nothing too serious. It doesn’t bother me in TB unless I make it a point to look down from one of the bridges or something. It’s not like I have to dive for the wastebasket lest I barf all over the keyboard. When I’m in these kinds of situations in RL, that’s another story – I have on occasion been almost incapacitated.

  4. For The Horde !!
    Nice to see the hunter is coming along well. I’ve had a look at aion and whilst it looks interesting having started a guild in WoW im kind of commited to staying and help my guildmates progress. As for the art style of Aion it remind me more of final fantasy that anything else