This Week’s Xfire Points

The Xfire statistics project is in data-collection mode and will be for at least the next few weeks. So having posted some speculative conclusions for the last two weeks, I’m laying off, except to make some minor notes. When tabulated results return, a considerably larger number of games will be tracked, including Guild Wars, Spellborn, Second Life and some others that I missed the first time around.

Points of Interest this week:

  • EQ2 jumped this week by almost 40% in minutes per day, and 21% is users per day. This is surely attributable to the release of GU52 early last week.
  • DDO continues to drift upward, although not by as much as last week.
  • Matrix Online also continues to climb, although again, not by as much as last week. But we know this one is definitely going away.
  • Aion continues climbing steadily. It’s doing extremely well for a game not yet released and with a limited beta going on.
  • I expect that it will crack Tier One very easily upon release, if only temporarily. By all accounts, it’s very pretty and plays well, although I personally will be staying away for the time being. One wonders if it won’t be better-received here in North America because it is already live in Asia, which has presumably allowed NCSoft to work out the early rounds of bugs and problems. Accustomned as we are to messy MMO launches, Aion is likely to appear very polished in comparison.
  • Darkfall pitched upward last week and took a big dive this week to the tune of -37% in minutes per day and -26% in users per day. Is this a player base looking forward to NA-1 and a fresh start? Or has all the negative talk had an impact?
  • Planetside is also trending upward for some reason – significantly, at +15% last week and another 18% this week. Possibly people are playing more of it after some high-profile spaces talked about how it looked to be in trouble.
  • Vanguard took a -16% hit this week. Likely this is also due to EQ2 GU52 and people spending more time there instead.
  • Star Wars Galaxies, after falling about -6% this week, falls again by a similar amount. I wonder if the SW:TOR trailer didn’t get some people back into SWG? If so, it’d be ironic, since SW:TOR is likely to hurt SWG very badly when it does release a couple of years from now.
  • That’s all for this week; once I have several weeks of data, I can start looking at trends.

    3 responses to “This Week’s Xfire Points

    1. These statistics are always fun to read. Making a comment just to know your (hard?) work is not in vain!

    2. I am so glad you took this over…lol.
      I did this for a while last year, and it really does show how these games are progressing (or not) in regards to when things happen (like updates).
      Example: Watch Age of Conan to see how times will spike as update 1.05 (a major change to the game..I mean MAJOR) gets ready to launch.
      I wonder if the game could get out of the 30’s in Xfire or if this will break the game totally…
      I will be posting on the update as it happens.

      Cheers mate!

    3. On the eq2 front..even ive logged in as soe gave me 2 free weeks which could be why they are on the up..