News So Big, it Crashed Mythic’s Servers

Marc Jacobs is out, EA is merging Mythic and BioWare into a new MMO and RPG unit. Good luck following the link, but the news is everywhere.

At least that’s what the press release says. Under the surface, it sounds more to me like EA is booting Jacobs and handing Mythic lock, stock and barrel to BioWare. In the short term, the impact of this will likely be minimal, but over the next year or two, look for Mythic’s interests to gradually be folded more and more into BioWare. We may also see Mythic get some BioWare assets.

3 responses to “News So Big, it Crashed Mythic’s Servers

  1. awesome – given Bioware influence, maybe WAR can become the game we all want it to be

  2. I loled – Glad to see the back of Jacobs, he talked more sh!t than 10 bums.

    Perhaps Warhammer might have a chance to be half decent game….. hey if AoC can manage it why not WAR

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