MMO Genius of the Day: Scott Jennings

Your browser goes HERE for the pointed commentary, or it gets the hose again.

I suspect that Scott is aware of the oft-unspoken rule that there is no position so repellent or asinine that one cannot find a legion to defend it on the internet. Adventurine’s position on this issue seems calculated to piss off an audience, but it’s actually not. Nobody seems to be playing Darkfall beacuse it’s actually any good (maybe it is – I wouldn’t know because Adventurine doesn’t let me play it, and if getting into the North America server is anything like the tribulation required to get into the EU server still is 6 months after launch, they will have demonstrated their desire to keep me away from it again,) they’re playing it to prove to all the world how überl33t they are. Paying twice for the game is very überl33t.

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