The Mythic/BioWare Merger and What it Means for DAoC

Probably nothing, for the time being. DAoC has aged remarkably well, although it has to be in a zero-growth situaton. I place a lower limit on its continued lifespan of a year and a half, and it could easily be two or three times that, depending on how great the abandonment rate is. I have no idea what kind of development team DAoC retains, but it’s probably small, and likely to get smaller some time in the next two years, as BioWare decides to go with the bigger moneymaker that is WAR, and sees DAoC as a distraction from their priority project, which is SW:TOR.

In any case, DAoC is doomed. But not neccessarily to any greater extent today than it was a week ago. Mythic alone was just as likely to make a decision to cancel it as BioWare will be. I’ll be surprised if it’s not still around a year from today, but I’ll also be surprised if it’s still here two years after that.


3 responses to “The Mythic/BioWare Merger and What it Means for DAoC

  1. “The plan is to have “all” active accounts, including those on Devon, to transfer. So in other words, everyone will be moving to Ywain.”

    This is the latest on DAOC. One server to rule them all, except for the Gaheris server which is PvE ruleset server. This is a positive step, and I could actually see resubing now.

  2. I did just resub… 😉 Although I’m not happy about losing the Classic ruleset – especially with the buffbot rules on Ywain still unknown, it’ll be nice to actually play my old Troll. And I want to make sure the guild is still there for any Returners.

  3. Yeah – It would be nice if they just let us buy buffs in game. There is no way im paying for 2 accounts again. Were you on Igraine?