Employment Woes

I’ve been informed today that my contract will “almost certainly not” be extended. This has hapenned before, of course, only for a reversal to happen in the 11th hour, but I am sure it’s for real this time. So expect to hear about our coming relocation and search for employment in this space over the next few weeks, intersprersed with the MMO talk.

If things get so dire that I have to cut out MMO costs, then, hell, there’s always Guild Wars and Runes of Magic, neither of which I’ve given the attention they’re deserved, and, soon, D&D Online.

Meanwhile, in what is becoming something of a neccessary catharsis over the last few weeks, Hrishnak reached level 42, moving on to the Badlands.


3 responses to “Employment Woes

  1. Having recently done the whole contractor thing, it’s a major pain every time to find out if they renew or not. Hopefully it all works out for you, good luck!