Xfire Data for the Week Ending June 28

This week we introduce a new statistic called Ardwulf Points because of my overweening narcissism. Consider the number experimental for the time being, but it’s calculated from both the minutes per day and users per day figures, with a scaling constant. I’ll be fuzting with this number for a few weeks to see how it works out.

In the table, AR is Ardwulf’s Rank, as determined by Ardwulf Points, while XR is Xfire’s rank among MMOs only. There is a close but not exact correspondence between the two. You’ll notice that I’m tracking a lot more games now, inlcuding some free-to-play titles and Asian titles. I will likely add even more as time goes on and I accumulate statistics.

AR XR Title APs Minutes/Day Users/Day
1 1 World of Warcraft 75,323,337 25,301,476 89,311
2 2 Guild Wars 457,557 1,631,607 8,413
3 3 EVE Online 145,338 994,555 4,384
4 4 The Lord of the Rings Online 85,673 859,203 2,991
5 5 Runes of Magic 60,634 638,930 2,847
6 6 Warhammer Online 49,559 635,104 2,341
7 7 Age of Conan 26,905 471,461 1,712
8 8 Second Life 10,409 277,339 1,126
9 9 Lineage II 9,285 261,063 1,067
10 10 Star Wars Galaxies 3,705 181,341 613
11 12 City of Heroes/Villains 3,545 152,349 698
12 11 EverQuest II 2,751 164,070 503
13 13 Aion (Not Yet Launched) 1,326 99,959 398
14 17 Entropia Universe 299 40,467 222
15 15 Anarchy Online 260 51,412 152
16 14 Darkfall 222 52,757 126
17 16 Ultima Online 184 42,855 129
18 19 D&D Online 168 34.497 146
19 20 Dark Age of Camelot 140 33,586 125
20 18 EverQuest 139 38,945 107
21 21 Planetside 61 21,832 84
22 22 Pirates of the Burning Sea 51 19,641 78
23 23 Vanguard: Saga of Heroes 41 18,006 68
24 25 Matrix Online 28 10,915 77
25 24 Chronicles of Spellborn 16 11,231 43
26 26 Asheron’s Call 2 4,951 15

Age of Conan ticks upward significantly this week, with the advent of Tarantia Commons. High-level content has been an issue for the game, and hopefully this big addition will represent a long-term solution.

EQ2 drops a bit, but it’s still higher than it was before GU52. It’ll likely continue to taper off a bit, but news out of FanFaire is that EQ and EQ2 subscriber numbers are both up. Vanguard’s not doing so well, but FanFaire word is that it’s stable, and I would expect StationPass players will drift back to it as EQ/EQ2 buzz decreases.

Aion’s numbers took a dip, but an expected one considering the way its beta is being handled.

LOtRO seems to be trending upward, although it’s difficult to say at this point, since I only have data for four weeks. It wouldn’t surprise me. There’s been very little variation in the WAR numbers over that same time period.

EVE Online’s minutes played dip below one million for the first time since I’ve been tracking them, but the users per day ticks upward a little bit (possibly because of the new free 5-day reactivations, which I myself plan to take advantage of,) and in any event EVE seems quite secure in its relatively high position of #2 traditional (i. e. subscription-based) MMO.

Data continues to accumulate. Expect some analysis of trends over the coming weeks. Meanwhile, I’m looking at GamerDNA to see if I can’t get some data from there as well. It looks like it won’t be useful, but I’m still looking for something I can use.


4 responses to “Xfire Data for the Week Ending June 28

  1. Another interesting look at the numbers. The four tiers still break down as you’d expect. Vanguard being down in that fourth grouping cannot be a good thing.

  2. i just came back from fanfair. was at all the VG panel. the Devs couldn’t not give out numbers.But if Vg was going down anytime soon, why would SoE have spent the time to send a VG display(devs) to FF, or even spend the effrot to put Live gamer into the game.there are at least 5 Devs working on the game not including Intern’s they get. VG is fine and we’ll be here for a while.
    i did find out that Matrix had only 1200 subs that was the main reason why its being shut down.