Progress Proceeds

For those who did not notice the tweet, I am officially unemployed. Job search is underway; I have little doubt that I will find something by early August at the latest, although it might not be something ideal.

The July 4 holiday involved large quantites of bratwurst. I like bratwurst.

In the world of World of Warcraft, a couple of milestones have been hit: Hippomenes and Atelanta (Mrs. Ardwulf and my Night Elf Druids) hit level 40 after much procrastination. And Hrishnak hit level 50.

Hippomenes and Atelanta made a point of doing the Fire Festival quests. Alas, these are set up in such a way that you can only get so far unless you’re level 70ish or higher. But we did get the Flames of the Eastern Kingdoms and Flames of Kalimdor achievments through great effort (including death-walking through Timbermaw Hold,) and managed to snatch Horde flames from Undercity and Thunder Bluff as well, the latter of which was murderously difficult.

We also ran a couple rounds of Arathi Basin; Mrs. Ardwulf is not into PvP but was tempted by the shiny rewards, which are relatively easy to get if you only want one or two of them. We didn’t get very far (both rounds ended in abject defeat for the Alliance,) but may try again at some point.

Hrishnak, my solo Orc Hunter, is now at 52 and is rollicking right along. To my surprise, there was very little training to be done at 50. To my utter lack of surprise, the Hunter quest chain that opens up at that level ends in Sunken Temple, which I didn’t want to bother to do for the rewards available. I’ve been doing the Fire Festival quests (really, just honoring the Horde fires and putting out the Alliance ones,) as I’m in those areas, but the net amount of experiemnce gain from them has been fairly substantial. I didn’t go after the achievements – I judged getting into Winterspring to be not worth the effort, even though I’m of about the right level to do it the ‘honest’ way.

And I saw the inside of Blackrock Mountain for the first time – not the instances, of course, but the open-world part of it. At some point (i. e. at 80,) I’ll hit up the dungeons as well.

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  1. Hi Ardwulf. I’m sorry to hear you are unemployed. I’m from Killer Guides, would like to offer you an opportunity of being our guide writer. If interested, please reply back 🙂

    Best regards,


  2. fingers crossed for you dude, am sure it will all work out.

    Forgot to say listened to Shut up were Talking #49, and who was on it?! none other than you!!! was quite an interesting show and good to hear some of your views and of course you gave me a shout out at the end so many thanks for that 🙂