Eventful Week

It’s been an eventful enough week in the world of World of Warcraft. Hrishnak finished up my least favorite zone, Winterspring, just shy of level 58, and a little bit of work in Western Plaguelands got him there, whereupon he packed everything up and made the move to Hellfire Peninsula.

Probably because I have been following a leveling guide for 20+ levels on which I have always had a 1-3 level advantage, I was very sloppy upon arriving in Outland. This resulted in a bunch of untimely deaths before I got the hang of being careful again.

I’ve run, with a very good pair of PuGs, the first two wings of Hellfire Citadel – the first set of instances in Outland. I got some nice gear out of it, including a pair of mail legs that, with gems, are highly badass and should easily last me until Northrend. Indeed, most of my gear has been replaced, the exceptions being by bow and boots. I’d kill for a bow upgrade right about now, just for the added DPS, but I haven’t seen anything available yet, short of running a lot of Arathi Basin.

Hippomenes (and Atelanta) and now level 43 and about to start questing in the Hinterlands, which should keep us busy for a couple of evenings. We hope to run Zul’Farrak on Monday.

I’ll have a post on Xfire stats coming in the next day or so. Some interesting developments this week.

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3 responses to “Eventful Week

  1. Your comment on folowing a levelling guide got my attention. Just out of curiosity, as an experienced mmo user, what’s the attraction of following a plan laid down by someone else? I’ve never really understood levelling guides, except as a tool for players who are uninterested in the world prior to endgame content.

    I tend to just wander about, take whatever quests I stumble over and use whatever gear I happen upon. I do use the AH/Broker system, but very sparingly, as buying better gear than I can get during normal play seems to me to render my actual playing somewhat purposeless.

    If I get really stuck for somewhere to make progress (rare but has happened occasionally) I will look up basic information like zone level ranges, but that’s about as far as I go in taking advice on where to hunt.

    I’m playing WoW for the first time right now, and one of the best things about it, which put it in the group of MMOs I’ve really enjoyed like EQ and Vanguard, is that there appear to be many places you can be at any given level. My dwarf hunter is only 32nd so far and I’m hoping that the range of hunting grounds per level continues throughout the game. (I’ve found that, contrary to its reputation, WoW is actually has afairly sedate levelling pace; I know for sure that I could have been 50th in the same hours played in either EQ or EQ2).

  2. There’s a pretty significant ramp-up in mob damage / health from the Azeroth 55-60 zones and Outland.

    You might want to get a couple of the crazy good quest rewards in HFP, then move back to Winterspring or EPL or Silithus and power through that content until you’re 60.

    The gear in Outland is so much better that you can really burn through old world 60 quests quite easily, especially as a hunter.

  3. I suppose (and I realize that this is probably an unconventional approach,) that I’m trying to level as quickly as possible because I’m simply tired of being excluded from content by virtue of not having a level-cap character. I am willing to take my time with other characters, with whom I still dither a bit – and we’re taking our time with our Druids, to the extent of doing some grey quests and running dungeons we outlevel a bit.

    And Hrishnak is 61 now. I still need that bow upgrade, but dificulty seems to have leveled off with the gain of three levels, as you’d expect. I figure on being 62 by the time I head to Zangarmarsh.