Vaktor Returns

In the midst of all this talk about leveling an Orc into the low 60s, it’s easy to forget that I already have a character in the Northrend levels – the level 72 Vaktor, who’s been idle for months as I work on other things. Of late, I’ve taken to pulling him out of mothballs and riding around getting old world exploration achievements. Nothing serious, just a wee bit of low-impact play. Late last night some guildies put together a run at the Nexus, one of the early Northrend dungeons, the quests for which I’d been sitting on all this time. I jumped at it.

Despite one near-complete wipe on Keristrasza (everybody died except the Hunter, so it was as good as,) and some small naviagtion difficulties within the dungeon, it went swimmingly well. The gear that dropped in the instance itself was nothing special, although I did get a nice set of blue healer plate wrists, which’ll go in the bank in case I ever pursue that option.

Vaktor After Nexus

Not only was the dungeon itself fun and the group excellent, but all four of the quest rewards were significant upgrades, and the shoulders were a particular upgrade aesthetically. Why is it shoulders are so lusted after, well beyond their utility as just another armor piece?

At any rate, I don’t forsee getting much time on Vaktor in the next couple of weeks. But if late at night, somebody would like to run Utgarde Keep… well, I’ll be there for that.

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