Xfire Stats

I now have seven weeks of Xfire stats, so there’s a nice little pool of data available to add to. Let’s see what’s happening in the world of approximate statistics this week:

AR XR Title APs Minutes Users
1 1 World of Warcraft 21,396,126 24,735,978 86,498
2 8 Guild Wars 130,530 1,611,680 8,099
3 12 EVE Online 45,893 1,049,461 4,373
4 17 Lord of the Rings Online 22,626 808,935 2,797
5 26 Aion (Not Launched) 21,928 653,589 3,355
6 25 Runes of Magic 19,192 669,651 2,866
7 29 Age of Conan 14,584 613,800 2,376
8 32 Warhammer Online 12,826 588,059 2,181
9 59 Second Life 2,654 252,732 1,050
10 78 Lineage II 1,834 204,459 897
11 N/A CoH/CoV Combined 1,224 172,104 711
12 91 Star Wars Galaxies 876 157,050 558
13 97 EverQuest II 746 150,954 494
14 138 Darkfall 131 79,800 164
15 177 Entropia Universe 108 51,098 211
16 187 D&D Online 86 50,206 171
17 189 Anarchy Online 69 45,519 151
18 186 EverQuest 65 47,119 137
19 179 Dark Age of Camelot 54 36,780 148
20 126 Ultima Online 44 34,554 126
21 234 Vanguard 26 29,655 89
22 281 Pirates of the Burning Sea 16 21,097 76
23 315 Planetside 13 15,923 80
24 374 Matrix Online 6 9,652 65
25 471 Chronicles of Spellborn 2 5,018 39
26 533 Asheron’s Call 0 3,446 13

First off, the big thing that I immediately notice is that Age of Conan has surpassed Warhammer Online in every department: Minutes played, users per day, Xfire ranking, and my ranking. Interesting. Probably temporary, too… but, Age of Conan is trending upward, while Warhammer is trending downward. There’s obvious reasosn for the spike this week; AoC released Tarantia Commons in a major patch, and then offered lapsed subscribers some free time, but the larger, still-emerging trend is is upward, even though its numbers right now are likely a bit inflated. It’ll be interesting to see how long this situation lasts.

Aion performs very strongly again in a Beta week. This is going to perform extremely well on release, certainly comparably to AoC and WAR, if not better. We’ll see if it holds up; my sense is that interest in it is waning at exactly the wrong time, but that doesn’t mean I think it won’t still do very well; I think it’ll surpass EVE Online, but won’t stay there, shifting into WAR/AoC/LotRO-like numbers, likely at the top of that stratum.

Vanguard is moving upward again, likely as Station Pass subscribers move away from EQ2 as interest in the recent game update fades. This is good, becuase Vanguard’s numbers were scary-looking for a couple of weeks.

EVE Online maintains its number 2 subscription MMO position, and number 3 overall, behind Guild Wars. The numbers for both games go up this week.

After weeks of decline, Darkfall jumps with the arrival of the North American server – but not very much – it’s lower after its big push than it was 6 weeks ago. This is a bad sign, and Darkfall is moving deeper into niche territory.

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3 responses to “Xfire Stats

  1. AoC will drop for sure after the 2 week trial.
    This ends tomorrow actually (the 22nd) and we should see dwindling numbers.
    But, I also think we may see better than 40’s for a while.

    But, oh boy, the continued loss at Warhammer is really scary. the fact they are merging servers AGAIN is also NEVER a good sign.

    As to Vanguard…even with the boost…those will ALWAYS be scary numbers.
    Vanguard just has no population…period.
    Guild Wars is the best showing here behind WoW, as it has always consistently placed in the top 10…and has stayed there for a LONG time.

    As a final shot…LOTRO starts to go down again..HOORAY (sorry… couldn’t resist…).

    I think Aion will push LOTRO, WAR and AOC out of the numbers for a while after it launches.
    Aion, so much as it saddens me to say it, will be a hit..


  2. Those Aion number look pretty good for a beta with limited playtime. Of course I could be reading it wrong. Can’t help but wonder how it will hold up when launched.

    And does anyone else think that Vanguard pulling worse numbers than Ultima Online is a scary thing?

    As always, thanks for all the hard work, even if I’m late in commenting. 🙂

  3. I wouldn’t be too worried about Vanguard. SOE has been relatively upfront that the only reason why they pulled the plug on the Matrix game was because the license was costing them money that the game was not recouping. It does sound like the game isn’t going to get majorly increased dev resources, but I don’t think it’s about to be canceled either.