A Return to WAR

Since completing the move, my interest in playing WoW has been pretty low. Hopefully it’ll pick back up (I suspect it will,) but in the meantime I decided to activate a Warhammer Online time card that I’d been siting on for quite a while, having picked it up on the cheap from Circuit City’s going out of business sale.

As is my usual practice, I’ve started new characters rather than picking back up with my old ones. The initial impression is that it’s pretty much the same game, although some early-Chapter Public Quests have been modified to require fewer players, some new ones appear to have been added, and

The big news, though, is that at least during peak hours, actual RvR appears to be happening in both the “open” world in in scenarios. Possibly this is due to the latest round of server merges which have the game down to 9 servers (and, I strongly suspect although Mythic hasn’t announced any such thing, about 125-150K subscribers.) As some may recall, my biggest problem with the game was the fact that no form of PvP was actually happening last time I checked, so I’m having fun, although we’ll see how long it lasts. Hopefully a while – I’d like to feel like I got a proper amount of play out of a 60-day card instead of abandoning the game after a week like last time.

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5 responses to “A Return to WAR

  1. 9 servers? Really?

    When I unsubscribed a few weeks back there were a lot more than 9 European servers and I haven’t seen any news items about further server merges.

    Also on the server I was on (already forgotten the name) scenarios were very, very busy (rarely more than a minute or two wait, often instantaneous in peak time) and oRvR was busy (although often it was keep taking, which I abhorr).

    Is there a big difference in population between the EU and US servers, maybe?

  2. You must have missed it – there was another round of merges in the last week or two. 9 is the new total, which I don’t think includes EU servers.

    Depending on exactly what server you were one, I can certainly believe that stuff was popping regularly – but then, that’s always been the problem – not on the servers that are always full and where all kinds of stuff is going on, but on the larger number of servers where nothing’s happening.

  3. Interested to hear how this goes. I haven’t played in months. Stopped my second time through because the lower tiers were dead on my server. Hope all is well in life and gaming.

  4. Well, I can say right now that Tier 1 at least seems to be hopping pretty well, on Volkmar, Iron Rock and Badlands. During peak and near-peak hours, anyway – and I was running some open RvR in Nordland until about 3 am last night.

    I’ll have a post about this in the next couple of days – I consider it the ‘big news’ of the whole affair, since this problem was a gamebreaker for WAR before.

  5. Ah that makes sense. We started on the free trial and took the server it recommended, so I guess that one would have been busy, particularly in T1/T2.

    If they have a “Welcome Back” week I’ll give it another fling – there was a lot about the game that I liked, just not enough to hold my attention as a full-time MMO.