Back but Exhausted

I’ve returned from the annual Pennsic War. Never has a shower been so thorough. Three days is not enough, especially when all of them are pretty much consumed by camp teardown. Nevertheless, it was worth the trip. I’m absolutely beat.


I took a very few pictures, alas – I figured that shots of a camp being disassembled would be pretty uninteresting, and I didn’t get out very much, except one brief trip to visit some friends down by the Bog and runs to and from the food vendors.

As always when returning, I’m filled with plans and ideas for the next war. Hopefully some of them will bear fruit this time around, and hopefully we’ll be able to make it to more events in the coming year.

I should be back in blogging form over the next few days. Meanwhile, if you like, check out THIS quite awesome video from EVE Online. The US Armed Forces should make recruiting ads this good.

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2 responses to “Back but Exhausted

  1. Glad to see you made it back safe and sound. Always wanted to go to Pennsic but never made it up there. Wife and I are just getting back into the SCA after about 6 years away.

    Ld. Edward de Molay – Meridies