What’s Cooking

Since returning, I have to admit that I’m not super enthusiastic about long sessions spent in front of an MMO. I expect it’ll pass, but in the meantime I’ve whiled away a few hours here and there in WoW, mostly running Battlegrounds, which now have the virtue of granting XP unless you elect to lock your character.

Hrishnak, at level 61, is not ideally suited to running BGs – the bottom of the bracket just kind of sucks. Nevertheless, he’s managed to contribute, and get most of the way to level 62 in the process.

I’ve not yet gotten back around to WAR. Truth be told, I’m tempted by LotRO at the moment, although a general lack of money will no doubt keep that temptation at bay. It’s probably becuase I’m re-reading The Lord of the Rings at the moment.

Before I left, I also did some work on my long-stewing tabletop RPG, which is, for the moment, called Silverlands. I haven’t touched that since getting back either, although I’ve been pondering some new ideas and I will likely get to it soon.

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One response to “What’s Cooking

  1. I’ve been much the same, Ive been dipping my toe in and out of WoW and the Champions beta. My WoW sub runs out this month so it wont be getting renewed this time. I figure I’ll only go back for the next expansion.

    If you are looking to just spend a few hours in an MMO why not have a look at DDO or even try get into the Champions beta. I’ve been impressed with champions so far and it seems like it is going to be casual friendly imo.