Strange Motivation

I have no idea why the news that Onyxia’s Lair is getting revamped into a level 80 10/25 raid motivated me to play a bunch of WoW yesterday. But it’s nice the Blizzard is revamping this particular piece of old world raid content.

Hrishnak worked his way through level 61 almost solely via Battlegrounds. To be honest, though, I enjoy WoW Battlegroujnd play less than I enjoy WAR scenario play, and WAR’s been pretty good of late, at least on some servers and at some times, at getting its scenarios to actually fire.

So he’s 62 now, and not lacking for quest content in Hellfire Peninsula. I’d like to get him the questing achievement before I leave. Zangarmarsh happens to be my favorite zone in the whole game, so I’m shooting to do every possible quest there. At that point I should be, I figure… oh, level 64 or so, and should be able to dick around in Terokkar and Nagrand for a while before splitting for Northrend at 68.

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