News Tidbits

CCP made their announcement at GDC Europe: it’s Dust 514, the EVE Universe massive first-person shooter. Sounds neat, but I don’t own a console that’d run it.

Funcom announced the AOC expansion: Rise of the Godslayer, which sounds about as un-Conanesque as it’s possible to sound. My thoughts are mixed: no new classes, no level cap boost, one new race and an empasis on mid to high level content. This makes it sound kind of lean to me, if this is intended to be a retail expansion.

Word out of the Champions Online “Open” Beta, which I’m not in because I didn’t pay to get in, is not at all positive. “City of Heroes II, but shitty” seems to be the consensus.

Turbine is offering free time to lapsed LotRO subscribers again, which they seem to do every month or two. I think this is actually a cool practice. I’m patching the thing now; it’s anybody’s guess whether or not I’ll have time to play it. Last time I was left with a much more positive imnpression than I’d had the first couple of times.

Vaktor hit 75 last night. That’s one level a day in the last three. But I don’t think I can keep up this pace. Five to go.


5 responses to “News Tidbits

  1. I have the Champions original table top RPG box complete with character sheets! Never did play it…

  2. My copy is loooong gone, alas, although I do have the newer Hero System 5th Edition, which is pretty much the most complete version of the system.

  3. Hmm im bewildered by peoples view on champions. If you dont like superheros or are burned out on MMOs trying this one wont change your mind. I cant remember the last time I had this much fun in an MMO, its not as immersive as others on the market but I welcome it with open arms.

    IMO its suited to a casual gamer more than your avid MMO gamer but it suits me as Im toning down my play time 🙂